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DuPont, Derry

Key Information

Location Derry

Client DuPont

Principal Contractor MDE

About This Project

This contract was carried out by MDE Installations, over a period of 3 – 4 months, in DuPont’s 14,000sq. m secure facility at Maydown in Derry.  The contract involved all works associated with the wiring and installation of wireless access points to form a complete wireless network system throughout the facility.

This was a particularly delicate installation for a very exacting client as the works involved access to all areas of the facility (both public and secure) as access points were required in: offices; conference rooms; interview rooms; reception areas; canteens; plant rooms; server rooms; warehouses and production areas.  All MDE operatives’ credentials were provided in advance of any site attendance and all operatives were required to partake in two site inductions.

During the course of this contract, the facility remained fully operational, therefore close coordination and excellent communication between the relevant specialists and other interested parties was critical.

This coordination was achieved through regular attendance at meetings when the progress of the previous week could be reported, and also the plan for the week ahead discussed.  This allowed the client’s staff to arrange or alter their plans to coincide with the access requirements of the contractors carrying out the works.