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Co. Louth
Iarnród Éireann
Iarnród Éireann

Dundalk Train Station

MDE were contracted to carry out the installation of replacement electrical works. Working at Dundalk maintenance depot for Iarnród Éireann on the upgrade of all electrical installations enabled us to demonstrate our efficiency and our attention to health and safety and security requirements. We were contracted to strip out all existing life expired electrical infrastructure and replace it with installations to meet all current standards.


Challenges and Complexities 

  • Live and Fully Functional Railway Platform: Our work took place on a live and fully functional railway platform, demanding precision and adaptability to ensure minimal disruption to train operations.
  • Platform Safety Requirements: Adhering to stringent platform safety requirements was imperative, ensuring the well-being of passengers, staff, and workers.
  • Programming and Phasing: Effective programming and phasing of the project were vital to minimise interruptions and maintain railway operations.
  • Isolation of Existing Services: Safely isolating existing services was essential to facilitate the replacement of outdated electrical infrastructure.
  • Working Adjacent to Live Services: Working in close proximity to live services while ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the train platform required meticulous planning and execution.

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