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Castlecaulfield Waste Water Treatment Works

Key Information

Location Castlecaulfield, Co Tyrone

Client NI Water

Consultant Atkins Ltd

Overall Project Value £4 million

About This Project

MDE Team were appointed as an electrical contractor to install all electrical and instrumentation services within the new Castlecaulfield Waste Water Treatment Works.

The new plant was constructed on the site of the existing works, and our work and commissioning were phased in order to keep the works operational.

The process comprised of inlet works with CSO, screening equipment, and separate grit and grease removal equipment; two primary settlement tanks, two rotating biological contactors, and two final settlement tanks, final effluent return pumping station (during low flows).

The works also contain a sludge treatment process including sludge holding tank and return liquors pumping station, blind and online stormwater holding tanks, ancillary plant including service water, and final effluent booster sets. Our work included a motor control centre building and an emergency standby generator and site-wide building services.

Our managerial knowhow and site personnel experience ensured that the operational works on this contract were phased and commissioned accordingly. The project was completed within stringent health and safety requirements and environmental constraints.

Project Challenges at a Glance

  • Live waste water treatment site.
  • Shared access/egress with third parties.
  • Environmental constraints.
  • Innovative process design solutions.
  • Access to operational areas of existing plant.
  • Stringent health and safety requirements.