22nd September 2023

Applauding Our Intern, Caolan Swift

As Caolan wraps up his internship with MDE and returns to Ulster University, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for his contributions.

**Hands-On Expertise:** Caolan excelled in supporting with on-site sustainable installations, prioritising safety.

**Office Excellence:** In our office environment, he played a vital role in project planning and precise document management, emphasising effective communication and regulatory compliance.

**Team Player:** Caolan thrived in our collaborative atmosphere, learning from experienced professionals and building a strong foundation for his future.

**Bright Future:** With a wealth of knowledge and practical skills gained during his internship, Caolan is well-prepared for future success.

**Staying Connected:** Caolan remains a valued part of our community, and we look forward to seeing how he gets on with his studies and endeavours.

Thank you, Caolan, for an outstanding internship! Your dedication and positive impact will be remembered as you embark on your promising journey ahead!