11th November 2020





In the dark month of November, MDE are aiming to inspire some positivity by running a Wellness Initiative across the business.

All MDE employees and their families have the opportunity to partake in virtual fitness classes and online wellness / mental talks across the entire month of November. With weekly spot prizes on active participation in our weekly challenges, Geraldine Shanahan was our first winner of €100 One for All voucher.

Last weeks challenge was centred around Healthy Eating with ‘The Most Creative, Healthy Lunch / Dinner,’ being rewarded. We had some excellent entries across the company but Geraldine just pipped the post with the final vote.

This week, we have The Active Challenge, with squats, burpees, and jumping jacks. Watch this space! Thanks to Ryan’s Gym for all his hard work in preparing our company specific training videos.


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Week 2 of our MDE’s Wellness Month was focused on keeping active. Our Active Challenge was to complete burpees, jumping jacks and squats. We are very proud of our staff’s participation in this challenge. The efforts of our valued employees in trying to live healthier lives must be highly commended. Fantastic to see our MDE families getting involved too!

It was a very close call, but our winner was Kevin Cochrane – a key member of our Smart Meter Installation Field Team. Even more impressive, during his tea break Kevin had one of his Customers counting his reps!

Super effort Kevin! Well done to everyone!

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This week brought the ‘Clearing our spaces, clearing our minds challenge.’

The MDE Team spent time this week decluttering and organising their work spaces.

Cleaning and organising are strongly associated with decreasing stress and anxiety. Going through this process can also lead to a great level of satisfaction and feeling the positive energy associated with being productive.

Again, we received some fantastic entries of clean, tidy, well organised desks and vans! MDE has never looked so good! Our winner this week was Karl Casserly, a key member of our MDE Field Team. Well done Karl.


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The final week of MDE’s Wellness Month brought a challenge which was perhaps the most difficult in our modern ‘technology-filled’ world.

Our smartphones, tablets, laptops and televisions engulf our time by providing infinite possible functions – work, entertainment, shopping, socialising, organisation, direction finding, learning, fitness tracking, news. However, evidence shows that all of that screen time is affecting our health.

MDE continue to put our employees’ health and well-being first and set a challenge of reducing screen time on personal phones.

With this, there are 4 big benefits of getting less screen time:

1.) It can reduce eyestrain.
2.) It can improve posture – too much slouching over digital devices can damage muscles nerves, tendons, ligaments and spinal disks.
3.) It can improve your sleep.
4.) It can increase your focus.


Congratulations to Cheryl Kelly in our Omagh Office who won our challenge this week. A €100 voucher on it’s way to you!

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