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Robust Environmental & Safety Policies

As a company MDE Installations are committed to ensuring that our environment does not suffer as a result of our working practices.

We will as far as possible balance the need to achieve our business aims with the need to protect the local environment.

Environmental Policy Statement  Environmental Policy Statement 2016

MDE’s Waste Management Policy Statement  Waste Management Policy Statement

MDE Installations will endeavor to adhere to the following issues:

  • Comply with local and national legislation.
  • Promote Recycling and recycled materials.
  • Reduce the consumption of materials and design energy.
  • Ensuring environmental issues are adhered to in any projects undertaken.
  • Using materials that are environmentally safe whenever possible.
  • Provide relevant information pretaining to environmental issues to the local community.
  • Under take regular training on environmental issues and working practices.



MDE Group has established and maintains an Integrated Management System as a means of providing a structured process for the achievement of continual improvement in both the quality of its services and its environmental performance, including any outsourced processes.  The organisation prepares and effectively implements documented procedures and instructions in accordance with the requirements of the Integrated Management System.

Quality Policy Statement  Quality Policy Statement 2016


Health & Safety

MDE Health and Safety Policy complies with the Health and Safety at work (NI) order 1978.

Health & Safety Policy Statement:   H&S Statement

When onsite our engineers evaluate the work place and then implement the necessary procedures:

  • What are the hazards?
  • Assessing the risks.
  • Reducing the risks.
  • HSE Guidance on Electrical Safety.

Once implented our engineers can carry out their work in a safe and risk controlled environment.

MDE is Safe-T-Cert Accredited.

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